My very first balloon twisting birthday party!

I didn’t know balloon twisting would be so much fun and everyone around me were getting balloon animals and they all love it. My very first balloon birthday party was last Sunday and it was for a special girl who turned three, Tina. Thanks to her parents who gave me this amazing opportunity to make balloon birthday hat, princesses and animals for the kids. This really help to build up my confidence. Thanks to Vanessa and Matt. This is a great kick start for me. By the end of the party, both the kids and parents were so happy with the balloons and that made me feel so so so good. I had a BIGGEST smile on my face when i went to bed that night. Happiness is contagious and what can i say…

Face painting will always be my favorite, but I’m very excited to be working on balloons too!

Fill other's noodles with Noodle Doodle!
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