Unique Face Painting Party Ideas

Here are a few of the coolest parties I’ve ever face painted at! Maybe they’ll give you a few ideas for your next party!

  • “Morning After” sleep over! I arrived at 10am for the girls to have breakfast and get their faces painted after their sleep over!
  • Super heroes party. I painted super hero masks on all of the kids, and even some of the adults.
  • Sweet 16. Yes, I can do teenage parties. Lots and lots of glitter!
  • Makeup party. For kids that were too little for real make-overs, the mom brought me in for a little face painting “makeover”! Great for little girls who want to feel like pretty moms!
  • Humane Society Birthday. A little girl in Newington wanted her friends to bring donations to the humane society instead of presents, so we set up a little area outside and gave them all wonderful animal face paintings!

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Custom Glitter Tattoo Stencils For your Party!

We can now make custom designed glitter tattoo stencils for your next company party with your logo, the event date, or anything else! Glitter tattoos are a great face painting or balloon twisting upgrade.

  • Submit your logo or design 7 weeks before your event
  • We’ll get the stencils made
  • Stencils are a $30 set up, $0.60/each, and 500 minimum.
  • You keep all stencils after we’re done for any use you have
  • You can also buy mini glitter tattoo kids from me to give-away to your clients!


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“The best” – Review for Lily’s First Birthday Face Painting and Balloon Twisting in Greenwich

Thank you to Lily’s mom for inviting me to do face painting and balloon twisting at her 4th birthday, and for one of the nicest emails I’ve ever gotten:


“Hi Nancy! Thanks so much for helping entertain at Lily’s birthday! You were the best face painter we’ve ever seen, and the best part of the party! The balloons were great too. I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again!”

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“So much fun” – Review from Peter Jr.’s Face Painting Birthday in Stamford

Peter Jr.’s Star Wars themed party got some super fun face painting! I had so much fun, and the next day I woke up to this email from Peter Srn:

“Hi! I just wanted to thank you for making Little Pete’s day! I would have never thought someone could do a Storm Trooper face painting on demand like that!!!! He store it until the next morning and it came off like a breeze. My wife wanted me to send you a thank you email because you were just the hit of the party. Your face painting was just so much fun. Thanks again!”

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“Lovely faces” – Review for Angie’s face painting partying West Hartford

Angie’s 6th birthday in West Haven was al about glitter, princesses, and pink! I had so much fun, so thank you to her family for inviting us and to her mom for this nice email!

“Good morning Nancy! I just wanted to thank you for all of the lovely face painting you did for Angie and her friends! It was a great addition to our little makeover party. She didn’t want to take it off at night! The glitter and pretty flowers were just to die for, and you were so sweet!

It’s been almost a week and Angie is still talking about it, so I finally decided to let you know how much the girls were raving about their “makeup”. Too much fun!”

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Five Fabulous Face Painting Places

We’ve had a few disappointed moms recently on the phone because their bounce house places or Chuck E Cheese wouldn’t let me in to do face painting for them. If you’re set on having face painting at your party, here are a few places you can invite us:

  • Any banquet hall you rent out

Private halls almost never have a problem with face painting or balloon twisting

  • Any restaurant you rent out

Many restaurants have a private room you can rent out. Just make sure there is enough room for your guests, plus our face painting or balloon twisting station. Plus, this way you don’t have to worry about food!

  • VFW, American Legion, or any social club

Most social clubs have a hall available to rent for the community. These are great for large events! We paint at lots of these all year round!

  • Private room in a library or town hall

Many towns, especially smaller ones, have rentable community space. You may be surprised at what you can get!

  • Your house!

When all else fails, let us do all of the entertaining at your home!

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“Wonderful” – Face Painting for Charlotte’s Fairfield Birthday Party

Charlotte’s mom just wrote me this really nice email, and I wanted to share! Her 3rd birthday had face painting and lots of fun!

“Hi Nancy! Thank you so much for your wonderful face painting at Charlotte’s party! So many of the parents were telling us about how sweet you were with the kids and how special they all felt. I know Charlotte loved her face, and it was a great addition.

Have a lovely week!”

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